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Porky The Rain-Maker 123Movies

Category: Animation, Family, Short

Actor: Joe Dougherty

Release: 1936

Country: USA

Run time: 8 minutes

Director: Tex Avery

Imdb rating: 7.2

Quality: HD

The farm is suffering through a terrible drought. Porky's father sends him to the store to buy some feed with their last dollar. Outside the store| a huckster is
selling pills to create all kinds of weather| and they really work. Porky buys them instead of the feed| but when he gets home| his angry father throws them on the
ground. The animals eat the pills| and are afflicted with lightning| earthquakes| fog| etc. Finally| Porky explains| and he and his father go looking for the rain
pill| but before they can get it| a duck (still afflicted by a wind pill) eats it. Fortunately| the wind causes the duck to eject the rain pill into a cloud and the
farm is saved..